Rome is our classroom!

Welcome Rome Workshops, Rome’s premiere website providing access to the best classes, workshops and retreats in the City! Our workshops are designed to uplift and enhance your time in the heart of Italy.


You are willing to try new things and have a hunger to expand your knowledge. While your time may be limited – after all, you don’t exactly sit still ! – you always make room for something bright, different and heart-opening.

We at Rome Workshops have brought together teachers from all areas of the City who share their knowledge and insight on a wide variety of topics for your mind, body, spirit and life in Italy. From the practical to the spiritual, these courses are designed to suit the unique rhythm and flow of Rome, something you will appreciate if you’ve lived here for any amount of time – or even if you’re just passing through on a holiday.

We invite you to feed your soul and brighten your life.

Dear Teachers

We at Rome Workshops are so grateful for our teachers, those who make our wonderful selection of workshops possible. Your dedication, enthusiasm, knowledge and openness are an inspiration.

Our site and community is a hub for like-minded people – those who are not satisfied with la dolce vita. We know that truly the sweetest life is that which is examined, explored and expanded. You, teacher, have something to share – something special to give back to the community. And we support you in every way possible to make it as easy as possible for you to be in front of students and seekers as often as you can.

We invite you to share what you do best.